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Vigilance Awareness Week (27th October-2nd November)

Vigilance Awareness Week, 2020, was observed by Vidyasagar College of Education, Phansidewa, Darjeeling, from 27th October to 2nd November, to encourage the fight against corruption. To observe this week the college teaching staffs and non- teaching staffs organized a e-meeting for discussion on the topic “Satark Bharat, Samridhh Bharat” on 31st October. In this meeting all the members of the college were participated and made the discussion a fruitful one. The staffs of the college made some handmade posters and e-posters to spread the message of the theme of the awareness week. They took support of the social media in spreading the message of integrity and non-corruption. On 2nd October all the staff came to college and took the pledge against corruption. The pledge was recited by the honorable Principal Madam of the teachers training college and followed by all the staff members. The pictures are taken at the time of pledge taking and shared among the groups of the social media to create awareness against corruption. All the programs are organized and observed well by the teachers training college.

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