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Vidyasagar College of Education

Mission, Vision
& Objective

Our Mission

The mission statement characterized the institution by providing comprehensive value – based education/ training of the students who can fulfill the vacancy of teachers. The college is aiming to nurturing a scientific tempered person with socio-economic-cultural based life, enabling him to work in creative thought, with dynamic personality, who can motivate for doing work in positive way for society who are very poor or discarded and lies on border line.

Our institution mainly missioned at:-


To educate and inspire our student through a distinctive curriculum and a dynamic development experience.


To impart high quality education and training to the teacher trainees to develop their competencies in accordance with the emerging trends in education.


To develop values of good teacher, good human being, a patriot and a true Indian.


To develop skills and competencies in student, which is necessary to play the multi faceted role of the teacher in the new millennium.


To make optimum and effective use of the existing resources, the human resources as well as infrastructure.


To prepare effective teachers for the growth of the nation according to the needs of the society.


To provide competency to teachers for meeting social, economic and academic needs of the society.


To develop leadership quality among pupil-teachers.

Our Vision

Our college aspires to offer quality teacher education to enlighten emancipate and empower the student-teacher fraternity and to foster a life long learning. The vision is to make the institute a Centre of Excellence and a leading institute of education in North Bengal by producing the best quality and competent teachers for the society and to prepare teachers who integrate to develop soft skills and ICT based methodology.

Our institution mainly visioned at:-


To produce quality teachers in different fields of education with a global view, enhancing values, ethics, and professional practices.


To cultivate more self-confidence.


To mould and motivate the would-be teachers towards a vision of excellence.


To strengthen their ability in communicating their views effectively.

Our Objective

The main objective of the college is to bring about the physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural and ethical integration of an individual in order to involve a complete human being who can serve better to his/ her society and nation. A good reputation is maintained among the students and the masses because of its result oriented design. Significant Achievements and Contributions in the field of Education

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