Report of International Webinar held on 7th July, 2020


Vidyasagar college of Education organised an international webinar on Covid-19: Socio-cultural implications and path ahead on 7th July 2020 at 7.30 PM with delegates and participants from India and abroad. There were five resource persons,Dr. Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj, Associate Professor,Department of Education, Rajasthan as the chief guest, Professor Carolyn Heising,Professor IOWA State University, USA as the keynote speaker, Dr. Ram Sharma, Poet and associate Professor, J.V.P.G College,Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Sunita Pachori,associate professor, SPC Govt. College,Ajmer and Dr. Monica Kannan, Associate Professor, Sofia girls’ college, Ajmer as the speaker for the Day.

The webinar was conducted under the active guidance of Dr. Savita Mishra, Principal, Convened by Mrs. Deepika Adhikari, coordinated by Ms. Paramita Dasgupta, co-convened by Mr. Paritosh Mahato and Mrs. Jayasree Paul as the moderator. The webinar basically aimed at socio-cultural effect the present pandemic has caused to the globe. The resourse persons highlighted on how the Covid-19 has created a fear and affected the social, personal,cultural,economical,educational and emotional front of each and every human beings. They also spoke about the upcoming challenges that the human beings be confronting post pandemic.

More than 3000 participants participated in the webinar through social media platforms. The webinar was extremely successful and fruitful with huge applications and recognitions from India as well as abroad. It was terminated at 9.30 PM. leaving positive remarks and accreditation from the participants and delegates for organizing such a useful webinar is the wake of Covid-19.